On Vacation For Awhile

I am taking a short vacation -- maybe temporarily:

So for the time being you may wish to read my blog, "AMERICAN LIBERAL TIMES" which may be seen at the following address: (Just click on the link and it will take you there.)

The Link --- https://americanliberaltimes.blog/

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Something New

I am trying another new blog again at Wordpress.Com:


And the answer is "Yes, I will keep both blogs."

Is It True That The FBI Is Threatening President Trump?

Via: Judicial Watch

One hardly knows what to believe in today's agitated political atmosphere in Washington, D.C.


We are just going to have to wait and see how this cliffhanger turns out!

It's Beginning To Look Like

It's beginning to look to me like one or more of our own trusted American intelligence agencies may have been the ones interfering in our elections and not the Russians!

Public Domain Image
A defiant GOP has released an earth-shaking, jaw-dropping secret Russian Memo that alleges FBI collusion against the Presidential Campaign of Donald J. Trump and the Democrats go ballistic!

See more at POLITICO


So What Is Happening?

Let me see now ---

The day has come and gone with relatively little notice --- nothing seems to have changed all that much around here except that I am a day older now.

I have been noticing that the days seem to get faster and faster the older I become.

I remember when I would get up in the morning and the day would just seem to drag on forever. Sometimes that was a good thing (Like when school was out in the Summertime) and at other times it was not so good (Like when I was trapped inside a school building for hours on end). Meh!

I got to thinking this morning, "I was born before there ever was such a thing as television. When I was a kid Radio was the big thing!"

My Fourth Grade teacher threatened to fail me in Math when I informed her that the day would come when nobody would have to know how to work Match problems out on paper anymore but that everybody would be carrying a little machine that would do all the work of math for us. She thought I was crazy!

She is dead now.

Almost everybody I know is either dead or dying.

The ones that are still alive don't seem to have too much time to spend on me.

Age presents its own special group of problems.

For instance, I can be sitting in the living room reading a book and I could swear I hear my little birds that died a few months ago chirping at me. I have to shake my head to come back to reality.

I am sure the sound hallucination about the birds is something to do with growing old.

The bank statements came out yesterday and I must say this Trumpian economy is being real good to me!

The little Mexican restaurant that I was bragging about a few weeks ago has gone out of business. The reason they gave for shutting their doors was that there wasn't enough business to justify them keeping the doors open.

The last three times I went there I had to send my food back because it came to the table cold. After the third time, I never went back again. People expect the food they buy in restaurants to be hot and fresh.

I am sure those guys will be happy doing something else.

Alright, everybody! I hope to see you all again in the morning. And to my dear friend in Mississippi: I hope and pray that you are feeling ever so much better today.

What Time Does The Super Bowl Kick Off?

What time does it start?
Image From PIXABAY (Creative Commons Licensed)
The best information I can find is: It happens on February 4th, 2018 beginning at 6:30 PM Eastern Time.

 New York Time ---- 6:30 PM

Chicago ------------- 5:30 PM

 Denver -------------- 4:30 PM

 San Francisco ------ 3:30 PM

 Honolulu ------------ 1:30 PM

 I think I got this right. I hope I got this right!

 I do not watch football so I am not going to worry about when the game starts because I really do not understand the significance of it all.

I am not much of a sports fan --- never have been.

 Here is what I could find out about the Super Bowl:


 I guess it at all really started somewhere around the year 1922 when football became a really big thing and then in 1960 the seeds for what we have come to know as "The Super Bowl" were first planted and the rest, as they say, is history:


I Have Had To Revert

I have had to give up on Dynamic Views and return to the standard blog format here because my wonderful readers found themselves unable to follow me by e-mail on that platform and I need all the followers I can get.

So the Feedburner" account has been reestablished again and should be up and running in a day or so and in the meantime my wonderful readers and faithful friends should be able to subscribe to follow me again via the e-mail gadget on page one of the blog.

I hate that I have inconvenienced my friends this way but the Dynamic Views were getting the blog out to a lot more folks .... but that is not as important to me as making sure my friends are able to access the blog with the least possible hassle.

On Vacation For Awhile

I am taking a short vacation -- maybe temporarily: So for the time being you may wish to read my blog, "AMERICAN LIBERAL TIMES&quo...